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It seems like just about everyone has an iPod these days, but many people complain that iPod and iPhone earbuds fall out…especially during physical activities like running, weight lifting, skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, etc.  BudFits keep iPod and iPhone earbuds securely in place during even the most demanding physical activities.  BudFits also make the earbuds far more comfortable by eliminating the need to wedge the earbuds in the ear canal.

Key BudFits Messages

1. Target two well-recognized problems (as shown by many iPod earbud reviews online)
  •  Prevent the iconic apple earbuds from falling out (especially during physical activities such as running, weight lifting, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.)
  •  Make the earbuds far more comfortable (by eliminating the need to wedge the earbuds in the ear canal)

2. Preserve the "Apple" image (iPod and iPhone earbuds tell the world the user has an iPod or iPhone rather than a generic, less-popular alternative.  BudFits allow the user to maintain the “Apple” image that would be lost if the user wore non-Apple earbuds.)

3. Target a huge installation base (well over 100 million people have iPod and iPhone earbuds)
4. Greeted with substantial market interest (Reviews, user buzz)
5. Truly unique product offering that rises above the noise of me-too products

Product Details

 Compatible with all iPod and iPhone earbuds
 Colors: Frosted clear, vanilla white, stealth black
 Patents pending
 Package Width and Height = 5.7” x 7.7”
 Packaged Weight = 35 grams
 Frosted Clear UPC: 8-93632-00200-5
 Vanilla White UPC: 8-93632-00203-6
 Stealth Black UPC: 8-93632-00202-9

Please email is you are a distributor or retailer interested in selling BudFits.  We are very confident in this product.  We invite you to see for yourself how many people want this innovative and effective solution to key iPod and iPhone complaints. 
              Compatible with iPod and iPhone earbuds only     Patents Pending
BudFits are protected by US Patent 5,625,171 and other pending patent(s). Innovelis reserves the right to end contests and promotions at any time. iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. BudFit and BudFits are trademarks of Innovelis, Inc. BudFits are headphone adapters. BudFits are not compatible with non-Apple earbuds.